Book1: Westward Dystopia

Westward Dystopia is the first volume in a series of interactive fiction gamebooks set in the post-apocalyptic world of tomorrow. Centuries ago a terrible war laid waste to humanity, irradiating the globe and changing the lives of those who would survive forever. This event came to be known as The Razing, and the specifics regarding its provenance have passed from history into the fickle realms of myth and legend.

You are an artifact hunter burdened under the weight of an unhappy past. You came of age while living in one of the few isolated cities left in the Wasteland--the technological marvel that is the city of Root. You were betrayed by your homeland and you fled, seeking solace in the pursuit of wires and gears unearthed with some hardship from a seemingly inexhaustible treasure trove. The wastes abound with secrets to uncover, but your time has nearly run out. History may be repeating itself. Some secrets should remain buried, while others are necessary to humankind's continued survival!

  • Original Art by Fighting Fantasy veteran artist Tony Hough and David White!
  • Open-ended design featuring numerous options for progression with six vastly differing endings (and one secret ending)
  • Storyline and character-oriented older teen/adult-level prose: Combat takes a back seat to choice and exploration.
  • Simple combat rules using easy-to-learn RPG stats and standard six-sided dice.
  • Upgrade your weapons and armor.