Book2: Spire Ablaze

Choose your own path through this prequel adventure set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with mutants, strange wasteland dwellers, gun duels, otherworldly artifacts, and more! Roll dice to fight your battles and avoid certain death in this sci-fi fantasy thriller!

- Experience the beginning of a clash of cultures: A wasteland city slowly resurrecting the powers of technology VS a wasteland mutant tribe!

- Infiltrate the mountainous fortress of Spire using stealth where possible and deadly force when necessary, in your very first mission: To rescue three young innocents.

- You're not in it alone! A small group will infiltrate the Spire with you. A deadly sniper, a renowned technician, a solemn medic, and a deeply flawed brawler in search of redemption form your team.

- Will you save the prisoners in time?

- Uncover the bizarre secret behind the mutants' oracle!

- Witness the beginnings of a tribal civil war!

Spire Ablaze may be played on its own, or as a companion to Book 1: Westward Dystopia. Each volume is its own adventure which adds to the overall story of this mysterious post-apocalyptic world!