NEW! Book 3: The Lords of Benaeron

Lead a rebellion to victory in The Lords of Benaeron, a hybrid gamebook that combines a traditional branching-path narrative with a sweeping cityscape rife with opportunities for open-world exploration!

Tackle stealth missions, assaults, diplomatic meetings, and calculated betrayal as the rulers of one of the last cities in the post-apocalyptic world of Jeffrey Dean's Westward Dystopia plan their next move!

Recruit soldiers and volunteers by navigating fragile alliances!

Search for powerful weapons to aid your underground army!

Assault the palace of the Lords of Benaeron themselves as the clock ticks down ever closer to the day when everything changes forever!

Book 2:Spire Ablaze

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Infiltrate the mountainous fortress of Spire using stealth where possible and deadly force when necessary in your very first mission: To rescue three young students from certain death!

Book 1:Westward Dystopia

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In this post-apocalyptic adventure, the player fills the shoes of a restless wanderer in search of great mechanical relics from the past.

Greek Winter Media's 'Road Less Traveled' Gamebooks are now available in print and at the Google Play store and are compatible with all current Android devices, both phones and tablets! We hope to bring our products to Apple devices and PC in the future.